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Política de devoluciones
Payment for an order made in the client office of Gardarika Translation Centre or via www.garda-rika.ru website implies your acceptance of this Refund Policy. Advance payment (full or partial) is the basic way to confirm an order from client's side. Payment in arrear is only possible for corporate clients who have a signed continuous service agreement or have provided a letter of guarantee; as well as for budget institutions. By default, final settlement method "on receipt of the order" applies to all orders upon placement thereof. Upon order confirmation client pays minimum 75% of preestimated order value. When an order is ready, its actual cost is calculated. There are two settlement options: client either pays the rest of the actual price of the order, or gets a refund if the actual price of the order was overpaid. Upon client's request, final settlement method «on placement of the order" may apply. Upon order confirmation client pays 100% of the fixed order value. This final settlement method implies that, when an order is ready, actual price thereof will not be calculated. The client will not be obliged to pay the rest of the actual price of the order, and will not be entitled to claim a refund if the actual price of the order was overpaid. Final settlement method thus chosen applies to translation services only. Services ordered along with translation must be fully paid by client before pick-up of the order. Clients may cancel an order before it is completed and/or the result of work is handed over. Cancellation of the order does not release clients from their obligation to pay the price of the services already provided (works completed). If an order is cancelled, clients are refunded with positive difference between the amount paid and the price of the services actually provided (works completed). If an order for interpretation services is cancelled, a penalty (accord and satisfaction) of at least 50% of the agreed order price will be deducted from the amount to be refunded to the client. Refund will be made just in the same way the payment was made: a) in cash or by remittance to a bank card in the client office at the time of final settlement; b) to a bank card via the Internet or to a corporate settlement account within 5 business days after the order was handed over (completed) or upon receipt of the client's order cancellation request. If for any reason no refund was done, client will have the right to submit a claim for refund. Client's claim will be considered and, if found reasonable, the refund will be made within five business days. If a claim is found unreasonable, client will receive a written response with information that the refund has already been made, or an explanation that client's claim is baseless. Applications for cancellation of an order or claim for refund shall be sent to garda-rika@mail.ru. Based on client's request, overpaid amounts may remain unrefunded, but credited to the account of other or future orders. This refund policy is effective from 17 October 2019 and may be amended. If the refund policy is amended, the new refund policy will apply to the orders placed after the amendment thereof.

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